Lincolnshire legends!

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Lincolnshire is known for its ability to produce most of the country’s fresh fruit and vegetables, but what dishes are we known for? Here’s a hint at what you might find around the county.

Rise and Chine!

Stuffed chine is a very esoteric choice that seems particular to Lincolnshire, we’ve rarely seen it outside of the county and it’s baffling why this isn’t the case. Made from the delicious cut of cured pork and stuffed with parsley. The tradition comes from the times before refrigeration and freezers where you would cure your meats to make them last longer. The chine, the section between the pigs shoulder blades, is salted and then washed before being simmered with fresh parsley having been stuffed into deep cuts in the meat.

Often butchers these days will use the neck due to the lack of bone and it is often served as a cold meat with a salad, its distinctive green and pink striping marking it out as a distinctive dish. Its taste is wonderful if you’ve not tried it. Like a salty, cured meat with a refreshing and crisp contrast with the parsley. It can also work with boiled new potatoes and even with parsley sauce, just save us a slice!

Lincolnshire sausages

Even though most sausages sold through the UK will be Lincolnshire in name if not recipe, the true Lincolnshire banger is one that remains a firm favourite, as long as it is made to our fussy, particular tastes! Although the county has fought for status protecting the name ‘Lincolnshire Sausage’ it has failed several times, but no matter, us yellowbellies know a proper sausage when we see one.

A true Lincolnshire sausage eschews the additions of parsley or thyme and relies on the taste of the coarsely-ground pork, resulting in a chunky, rather than a smooth texture. The only ingredients should really be pork, breadcrumbs, sage, salt, pepper, pork casings and maybe a bit of sulphite for preservation. Anything more and it’s simply not Lincolnshire!

We’d recommend it with some mash and onion gravy, but can you beat one barbecued over an open flame in the summer and served in a fluffy white bun with tomato ketchup? We’d take it over a limp and lifeless frankfurter any day.

Grimsby fish or no fish at all!

We’re lucky enough to be based in Grimsby, where fish is the dish you want! If you’ve eaten any fish in the county, odds-on it will have been landed in the north east town and then iced-up to travel to restaurants and cafes. The name Grimsby is of course synonymous with quality fish due to its history, but Grimsby is also a centre for other ports to sell their wares too. After a rare cut? Try the fish market? If not, there’s smoking houses here to really wow a dinner party should you be a fan of fish. Of course, you can’t beat Lincolnshire fish and chips either. Our coast has amazing chippies in great supply, but we’d also suggest looking for similar establishments inland can be great too. Each town seems to have its own favourite and a bit of delving means a great plate piled high with fish, chips and mushy peas, the Lincolnshire way!

That’s not all, there’s a whole host of produce unique to the county. Grantham’s ginger bread is renowned, as is our real ale, with breweries long established and brand new feeding the trend for artisanal brews, with some amazing creations gracing bars far and wide.

Next time someone asks you what Lincolnshire food is any good, you can pipe up with confidence!

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